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Rack and pinion presses

HP 40 | HP 150 | HP 150 T | HP 225 T | HP 200 Z | HP 250 Z

Benzing rack and pinion presses have been specially developed for fine mechanical work. The direct, constant transmission of the applied force enables work to be carried out sensitively and accurately.

The press table is produced in two versions:

Table bore:
The table bore enables tools to be centred quickly and with high repeat accuracy. The tool can be fixed by means of the threaded transverse bore.

Tools can be aligned and fixed in the T-slot with its defined fit.

The different press sizes enable a press to be
chosen to match the tool.

The height-adjustable press head on nearly all
models enables tools to be changed quickly and
the press to be set up to suit different working

The press ram is additionally guided by means of
a cylindrical pin and is therefore practically
prevented from rotating.

The required working stroke can be adjusted by
means of an adjusting screw.

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