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Taper measuring instrument

Spitzenhöhe 50 mm | 75 mm

Height of centres 50 mm | 75 mm

The taper measuring instrument KMG 1 consists of a movable slide mounted without play on precision ball guides and an inclinable sine bar. The slide can be locked in any position on the x axis.

Measurements with the KMG 1 are based on the sine bar principle. The setting height S for the sine table is calculated as follows:

Setting height S = 320 mm x sin alpha. A gauge block is placed on the sine table of the device to set the calculated setting height S.

The dial gauge should have a flat probe so that it is able to find the highest point of the cone being measured.

Tailstocks are not included and must be ordered separately.

Accessories for taper measuring device with
height of centres 50 mm & 75 mm

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