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 • Depth measuring

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 • Pneumatic presses 
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Horst Benzing GmbH was established in the early 1950s as a family-owned company, and specialised from the very start in making precision engineering products. Within a few years, that specialisation was extended to mechanical measuring devices, run-out testers and table presses. The company succession perfected in 2015 assures the continuity of the products and the continued existence of the company and the jobs it provides.

We already had our processes organised in a certified quality management since 1996, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. This is why quality always means for us customer satisfaction.

Our many years of experience in design and production enable us to offer our customers advice and solutions to their measuring and pressing-related requirements, beyond the range detailed in the catalogue. Our flat organisational structure ensures here short reaction and production times.

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