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DRP direct acting pneumatic presses

DRP direct acting pneumatic presses produce a constant force over the whole stroke length. Standard stroke lengths from 40 mm to 120 mm are available in 20 mm steps. Special lengths can be provided on request. Thanks to their modular design they have an optimal price/performance ratio.
DRP presses are practically maintenance-free, as all moving parts are mounted in bearings. The cylinders are pre-greased and therefore suitable for oil-free operation.

Tandem cylinders
The energy-efficient tandem cylinder design is used for larger forces. Several pneumatic cylinders are connected in tandem, thus increasing the force of the cylinder accordingly.
The air consumption is optimised, as the return stroke is only via one cylinder chamber. The press can be operated using only two air connections, as the air is channelled within the pneumatic cylinder.

Adjusting the stroke of DRP presses
DRP presses are fitted as standard with an innovative, precise and easy-to-use system which enables accurate stroke adjustment and protects the ram against twisting.


  • The press depth can be adjusted to a reading accuracy of 0.01 mm over a stroke length of up to 80 mm by means of an adjuster nut. The stroke length can be read off using the side scale and the vernier on the adjuster nut.

  • The position of the ram can be checked by means of reed contacts which are slid onto the standard scale.

  • The sensors do not have to be readjusted when the stroke length is changed, as the integrated stroke length control magnets always move to the same end positions.

DRP Series with round ram

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